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steel stud framed building


Steel Stud Framing Services

Calgary Drywall Ltd offers residential and industrial steel stud framing services. Whether adding to an existing build, or starting from the ground up, our expert team of framers live up to their reputation. They are precise, hardworking professionals with a wealth of experience in the fields of wood and steel stud framing. 

Whether you want to frame a basement to transform it into a living space, or erect an office building, our crew has done it all and are ready to rise to the challenge with incredible accuracy! A perfect build requires a perfect foundation, and as such our framers perform quality inspections every step of the way.

Steel Framing

Steel Stud Framing Versus Wood Stud Framing

At Calgary Drywall Ltd, we offer steel stud framing as well as wood stud framing in residential and commercial settings. Steel and wood each have a number of advantages, however in the recent years steel stud framing popularity has skyrocketed, and with good reason!

Steel Stud Framing as a Durable Alternative

Steel studs offer noticeably more durability than wood, with the added benefit of not being vulnerable to fire, rot, or insects. Unlike wood, which may warp or split over time, steel stud frames retain their shape. 

They are perfect for use in basements and bathrooms, as they aren't affected by vapor and moisture. Steel studs are perfectly straight, as well as a lightweight alternative to wood. While wood may be slightly cheaper, the long term benefits of steel usually outweigh the initial cost difference.

Steel Stud Framing Components

The two main components of metal stud framing are studs and tracks. The studs come in lighter and heavier gauge options, depending on whether they support structural elements such as floor joists, or simply wall structure. 

Steel stud framing is a method that produces less waste, as pieces arrive in a variety of sizes and can be made of recycled materials. 

Professional installation is important to maintain structural integrity, as well as ensure each type of stud and additional parts such as headers and sliders are correctly connected and appropriately selected.

Cutting steel studs

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