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sanding drywall on the ceiling


Drywall Installation and Repair Services

Calgary Drywall Ltd offers residential as well as commercial drywall services. Our team of professionals has experience in new single and multiple family residence projects, as well as a variety of industrial projects and smaller scale home renovations. We offer drywall from start to the level of finish that you desire. 

Precise measurements ensure that less waste will be produced, and our team performs a thorough cleanup when the project is done. We settle for nothing less than excellence, and strive to always provide outstanding service to ensure your full satisfaction.

After the completion of each step, our work is inspected and perfected, in compliance with industry standards. Our crew works speedily and efficiently, helping you remain on track with your projected timeline. We tape and prime your walls and ceilings to smooth perfection. Our team is also proficient in safety protocols, ensuring the site remains hazard and incident free!

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us or call at (587)-741-0655.

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Drywall installation

Levels of Drywall Finish

There are six levels of drywall finish, from 0 to 5. Our drywall team can provide whichever level of finish you are interested in! Each level includes the work of the previous level, with an additional finishing touch. 

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Level 1 >

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Level 0

Level 0

Level 0 drywall is considered unfinished. It doesn't include any taping, joint cement, or painting. Level 0 is typically appropriate for temporary builds.

At this level the drywall is simply affixed to the walls and ceilings. All seams and drywall screws remain exposed.

Level 0 drywall finish

Level 1

Level 1

Level 1 drywall is also considered unfinished. Level 1 is the level with the least amount of finishing touches. In level 1 finish, only the drywall seams need to be covered. The drywall screws remain exposed. 

This level of finish is common in areas that are generally concealed, such as attics, utility rooms, or any space that otherwise doesn't garner any traffic or use. Ridges and tool marks are considered acceptable at this stage of finish.

Drywall finish level 1

Level 2

Level 2 drywall finish consists of the same constituents as level 1, with the addition of joint compound to all joints, screws, and interior angles. Joint compound, also known as drywall mud, covers the drywall tape applied in level 1.

A level 2 finish is suitable for areas where surface appearance is of no concern, such as a warehouse, storage, or a garage that isn't used as a living space but merely for storage.

Drywall finish level 2
Level 2

Level 3

Similarly to level 2 drywall finish, level 3 involves the covering of joints, interior angles, and screws with drywall tape and joint compound. 

Beyond level 2, level 3 involves an additional layer of joint compound, and this level of finish requires that the surface be free of tool marks or ridges.

A level 3 finish is appropriate for areas that will receive sprayed textures, or medium to heavy paint texture. Level 3 finish isn't suitable for flat, smooth painted surfaces or medium wall coverings.

Drywall finish level 3
Level 3

Level 4

Level 4 is an appropriate level of finish if the surface is to be covered with a flat paint, light texture, or light wall covering. 

The joint compound is required to be smooth, free of ridges or tool marks. Level 4, compared to level 2, has two additional coats of joint compound over the embedded drywall tape. Fastener heads and accessories are to be covered with three separate layers of joint compound. Prior to the application of final finishes, the surface is to be coated with drywall primer. 

Areas that have been coated with joint compound will be sanded smooth as well.

This level of finish isn't suitable for areas with harsh lighting conditions, or enamel, semi-gloss, and gloss paint.

Drywall finish level 4
Level 4

Level 5

Level 5 drywall finish is the appropriate level for enamel, semi-gloss, or gloss paint as well as areas with severe lighting conditions. 

A level 5 finish is a level 4 with the addition of primer and a thin layer of joint compound to conceal any imperfections. A level 5 finish is the highest quality of drywall work, providing a smooth and uniform surface. It involves full coverage of the drywall with compound, with no ridges or tool marks. 

Drywall finish level 5
Level 5
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